Masatoshi Hanai is a Ph.D. candidate at Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research area is distributed systems and parallel computing. He is now working on large-scale parallel and distributed discrete event simulation (PDES), especially on city/country-scale traffic systems’ simulation. His research interest also includes high performance computing, cloud computing, and large-scale data processing.

He is supervised by Prof. Kazuyuki Shudo in Tokyo Institute of Technology. He spent a part of his Ph.D. candidate in University Collage Dublin (UCD) Ireland in collaboration with Prof. Toyotaro Suzumura (now in IBM T.J. Watson, US) and Dr. Anthony Ventresque. He also worked in Durham University UK with Prof. Georgios Theodoropoulos and Prof. Kalyan Perumalla (now in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US).